DeLorean – another try to license a dormant brand

Brandfreak reports here, that DeLorean goes back to the future.

The marketer of the iconic ’80s sports car is taking advantage of its splashy exposure around the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future by signing a flurry of licensing deals that are putting the brand in toy aisles, hipster boutiques and sporting-goods shops. DeLorean Motor Co., based in Humble, Texas, is working with Mattel, Nike, Gateway Global, Microsoft and others to fuel the resurgent interest in all things ’80s, specifically the car that epitomized new-money success/excess.

Some of licenses are promotional, some are memorabilia. There is nothing wrong with that, it just is not reviving the brand or giving it a new life as a car brand. This seems to me more like some sort of life support.

Brand revivals are common in the automotive industry. Daimler re-launched Maybach. PSA is pondering a revival of Simca. Do you recall any success stories?