ISO Standard 10668 Brand Evaluation

After years and years, finally, the ISO Standard 10668 Brand Evaluation was published. You can find it at

We had reported here about DIN starting on a German standard in 2005. It was supposed to be ready in 2006. By July 2006 the Austrian body for industry standards published its own. Then the German DIN took the chair in the ISO effort to establish a standard for brand evaluation. And finally, September 28, 2010, it is published.

The biggest surprise: The cost approach is included.

As a reminder, cost approach means, you evaluate something based on the money spent to create it. For patents as an example that makes sense. But for brands?

The brand creator/owner, who spends the most money gets a high value? Even, if the spendings were fruitless and stupid?

We are curious, how ISO explains that paradox.