P&G licenses Braun brand

As mentioned before, P&G is actively pursuing brand licenses for some of its “smaller” brands. The focus at P&G is on One Billion Dollar revenue brands, which puts the word smaller in perspective.

Now P&G announced success in licensing Braun.

The Italian appliance maker De’ Longhi bought a perpetual license to manufacture Braun branded products. The license is for the small appliance segment, which has annual revenues of about EUR200 million.

De’ Longhi will also acquire production assets in Germany.

For the license and production De’ Longhi will pay EUR50 million upon completion,  EUR90 million over 15 years, plus royalties based on sales  up to EUR74 million over the first five years.

Braun was a design icon, long before for example Bang & Olufsen or Apple. And it is a premium brand.