Re-Branding from Twitter to X

There was and is a bit of excitement around the rebranding from Twitter to X.

Commentators missed a few points.

The domain/website is still. The Domain used to have one page, now it forwards to

The business model “Medium”, paid subscriptions plus advertising around content, did not work for Twitter. Twitter has been and is losing money.

Already when he bought it, Elon Musk called twitter a “server operator”. He did not see it as a brand.

From our perspective, Twitter was a bullhorn mostly. Many used twitter for public relations, publishing what used to be press releases. And as emergency communication channel, in case the own websites were not working.

Elon Musk was the twitter user with the most followers. Now he is taking these with him to X. Whether they will continue to follow him, is among others a question of habit.

In essence, the Internet was and is a communication platform. The creation of separate platforms on that general platform has been a bit of a redundancy.

Everyone can start a website. And can ‘tweet’, blog, or generally publish there. The publication can be made available via RSS feed, email-subscription, bookmark push, etc. to interested readers.